”The Three Whales”

”The Three Whales”

In my native country of Ukraine, we have a legend called “The Three Whales.” In this story, these three whales hold up the planet, supporting everything.

When you hear the word ”Beauty”, what comes to your mind?
For me, I see it as a three main Whales, who holds our Beauty:


Let’s look at them each in details.


Nobody feels pretty when they have the flue or some other ailment. We all know that if you don’t feel your best, you don’t look your best. And vice versa.  My advice, to stay in harmony with your beauty, is to visit your doctors for regular check-ups, whether it’s your physician or dentist, dermatologist or orthopedist. They all are friends to us, who keep our teeth whiter, strengthen our feet (so we can wear those six-inch heels), give us our vitamin cocktail shots to stay glowing and energetic.

Don’t be shy to go to your doctor. Go just for to be sure you are well!

Dr-Cut 2

Most of us have heard the saying, “We are what we eat.” To keep our health in good condition, a healthy diet is a must. That you could hear often phrases like this: “You look like you just ate a fresh salad!”


Always good to remember that regular exercising not only keeps our bodies in shape, but gives us a better well-being. Pick your favorite sport, one that suits you best and keep your butt moving!

Ukr. Sport

The biggest part of the health of your skin is choosing the regiment that is right for you. Know your skin type and cherish it with products and devices that will keep your complexion in the best condition. Spoil yourself with a SPA treatments as often as you can. And your gorgeous skin will say to you a big THANKS for the facials and massages!







And last, but not least, have a good night sleep. Let’s be ”fresh cucumbers,” not ”squeezed lemons,” as my Slavic people like to say.

Sleep ball 2


To say simply: Doll up! Whatever makes you shine outside yourself.

Do your hair, nails, make-up, tan, dress-up. Done!


Hair-style & Photo: Anna Nowobilska



Photo: Scott Saw




When you love and are loved, there is always will be changes in you. Your face glows, hair is more shinier,  you get a spring in your step. The whole universe is reacting in colorful manners. You probably even talk differently. That positive energy, those hormones of happiness that comes from inside, makes you on the outside a million times more attractive to other people.

Remember the Golden Rule: love yourself and others will do the same!

So, love and be loved!


Heart 1

As you see, “Three Whales” are simple to follow. Just saddle them and stay BEAUTIFUL!

Share your thoughts and comments. What is your association with the word “Beauty”?

Love, Irina

Three whales from Mom

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