The Persian Kittens

The Persian Kittens

I want to open my post-blog for Interviews with a woman who had something I always wanted: a Persian Himalayan Kitten.

Amanda is a breeder for Persian Himalayan Kittens and owner of So loving and caring, she provides the best for her cats and kittens; among them there are several CFA Champion Designer Persian Kittens and Cats.


Amanda, tell our readers about your Persian Himalayan Cats and Kittens.

“My Persian Himalayan kittens and cats are my treasured little darling pets. From spending time helping the mother cat in their birth to raising the kittens, I treat my kittens like little children. I train them to use the litter box and to eat solid food at 5 weeks old, so they aren’t fussy eaters. I incorporate the Scratch post in their play, so they use this post to scratch instead the furniture. I constantly pet, pick up and kiss my kittens. I put pillows on the side of my bed so the kittens can climb into bed with me. My kittens love to sleep and cuddle with me.”



Who they are? What is their characteristics? Who will the pet owners have in their houses after adopting Persian Kitten?

“These characteristics carry over when my kittens go with their new owners. With all the love and care I give them, they are secure in their new homes. My kittens follow their new owners around the house, because they want to know what they are doing. They are a constant comfort.”



I can add, that proud owners can’t be more happier after having this joy in their lives! And I am one of them. Meet my pretty boy Max Mara! Sometimes I call him Diva or Princess because he really is. Or just Crazy Max! He is so cute and funny. He makes me laugh every day. Max has very unique royal personality. And nothing makes him more happier than treats! Love him so much!

persian_kittens_Max_Mara48                  Max-Blog 2

Max-Blog 3          DSC01485


Thank you Amanda for telling us about you beautiful Persian Cats and Kittens!

For more details and for those who wants to have one or more edition to their families of these fluffy cutie-pies go to Amanda’s website at

Love, Irina

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