The Fiery Monkey

The Fiery Monkey


The New Year’s holiday makes us think about lots of things. But the most important is our look. We want to be the best we could possible be. Because it’s not just any holiday or occasion, it’s a beginning of a new year. We are turning the page with an old year and opening a new one. And in that moment, we believe that something wonderful, interesting and intriguing will happen — a Miracle happened! That’s why we want to step into a New Year in a breathtaking outfit and no less!



When choosing an outfit, align with the Symbol of the Year by Chinese Zodiac. By dressing in sync with the Animal’s Color, the year promises to bring you a new happiness, success, health and all joys of life. The year 2016 will be Year of the Fiery Monkey. So your outfit’s colors should be Red, Orange, Corral, Yellow and Golden. If you choose clothes with a traditional monkey’s colors, such as Chocolate, Brown, Black or Khaki, then be sure decorate it with a Gold accessories.



In favor are light, streamy, luxuriant, lacy, fit & flare styles in clothing. Avoid dressing for the New Year Celebration in a pencil dresses and skirts, anything tight and conservative. Monkey doesn’t like simple and boring. Greet this fashionable animal in a glamorous, playful and well-decorated outfit!


Even the “boss” of the year will take place on the 8th of February (the Chinese New Year), it will be nice to dress up according to the Fiery Monkey colors and start to celebrate the Year of an eccentric animal in New Year’s Eve. This way, you will attract the Monkey’s attention early and receive all the happiness you deserve!



Monkey is adventures, curious and clever animal. So, you have to be on an easy, playful mode, and not just ordinary. Have fun and shine in New Year’s Eve and all year round!

Love, Irina









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                                                                 Fit & Flare Dress   Cushnie at Ochs

                                                                 Lacy Dress   Nicole Miller

                                                                 Glitter Shoes   Giuseppe Zanotti

                                                                 Lacy Shoes   Dolce & Gabbana

                                                                 Leather Shoes   Christian Louboutin

                                                                 Golden Bracelet   Kate Spade New York

                                                                 Golden Belt   Tory Burch

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