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Beauty Finds: Eye Care Creams

Day or night, winter or summer, no matter when, we have to take care of our delicate under-eye area to keep it smooth, firm and bright. I tried so many eye-creams, eye-gels, eye-masks through time that now I can tell what works and which product is ideal for whatever concerns...

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Winter Skin Shield

It is almost end of the February, and the weather does not even think to slow down on snowing, freezing and all the wintertime "attributes." Even more, I have the feeling that the real winter just started. My concern has always been how to protect the skin from extreme weather...

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Simple Steps

To be able to get results at almost anything, we need to be consistent and patient. This applies to your skincare regiment in order to reveal a healthy glow, whatever are you doing: trying a new eye cream, new hair mask or new device for your face. It always takes...

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