Simple Steps

Simple Steps

To be able to get results at almost anything, we need to be consistent and patient. This applies to your skincare regiment in order to reveal a healthy glow, whatever are you doing: trying a new eye cream, new hair mask or new device for your face. It always takes time to see a result and how it works for you. And the main word is Systemic. With it you are, developing a new habit.

A study showed that to adopt a new habit, a person has to do it regularly for 21 days. I tried to do it for myself, and it’s really working. Somebody might be skeptical about this, but if you try to do it yourself, you’ll find out how something new 21 day ago became a part of your lifestyle. And moreover, you have nothing to lose, except to gain a good habit, that you probably were thinking for a while but always were stretching for later.

For the skincare routine do the same. Every step is important. And never underestimate the simplicity of it that leads us to a bigger picture: Flawless Skin.

Step 1: Washing

To make your skin clean and breathable you have to remove all the dirt, impurities and make-up from a face. And how tired you would not be you should always wash out a make-up. Your skin will show signs of hate the next day if you skip washing. So be thoughtful to it.


Step 2: Toning

Wipe a toner over your face. It will balance and tone, revitalize and refresh your skin and prepared for the further treatments.


Step 3: Moisturizing

Choose your eye and face creams according to your needs so your skin will stay hydrated and nourished. For the daytime always, always use sun protection, as it’s the main causes of premature aging. Sun or rain, brightness or cloudiness, inside and outside, all year long, no matter what, you have to use product with SPF to avoid sun damage. Even though you don’t see it in a rainy, cloudy or cool days, it does not mean that it’s not there. Skin damaging UVA and UVB rays are still present. And not everyone knows that artificial fluorescent lights with a blue bulbs that you might see in many store, offices, hospitals are harmful for the skin and eyes, the same way as a sun-rays, as it has UV radiation.

So take it to your new rule if you don’t already: Sun Protectants is your daily best friend.



These three steps are very basic, which you should follow every single day. But besides that, you can add more steps in your skin care routine for the healthier skin: exfoliates, peels, masks, serums, boosters, concentrates, mists, facial devices.


If you still didn’t do what your skin deserves, you should start it right now. When you see a result in how your complexion changed for the better, you will be proud of your dedication to it. Just commit to your new ”hobby” for 21 days and then it will become a second nature for you.

Be Patient. Be Consistent. Be beautiful.

Love, Irina





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