Nail-ing The Summer

Nail-ing The Summer

One of the pluses of summer is that you can go crazy with very bright colors, including your polished nails. I want to introduce to you a manicure & pedicure pro, who specializes on this subject and takes her job to another level of creativity. Welcome Alla Lee — nail technician at Blueberry Moon Original Boutique Aveda Lifestyle Salon Spa at Lincoln Park in Chicago.


1. Alla, I saw your work and it always looks like artwork on the nails. Where do you take an inspiration for this?

My inspiration comes from loving my job! I truly enjoy doing nails. I’m very precise, and I always have to be satisfied with the finished result. I pay attention to little details, and I think that is what my clients appreciate when I provide a service for them. I love creating new colors for my customers; I even like to be challenged with it!! I always provide a customized service to my customers. Each individual is different, and I love working with various personalities to help them find exactly what they like or want with color, shape or even nail design. I’m inspired by my customers and what trends they like.


2. You go to Moscow, Russia, to take courses for new techniques and updates. What new did you bring to your clients from your last trip there? How are your Chicago clientele adopting Slavic nails innovations?

I actually took a master class about gel and gel polish which we call non-chip manicure in the US. It was about different brands and what each one has to offer. Also, I learned a new technique. In Russia, they call it kombi-manicure, with coverage under the cuticle and many other details that make non chip manicure look perfect and stay longer. My clients love this new manicure, and now they are even more happy with my job.


3. What is trending now in the world of nails?

The most popular trends now are ombré and gradient. Also, applying Swarovski crystals on top on non-chip manicure. Those look just like little jewels on the nail.


4. Name some of your top favorite colors or prints for this summer.

I love all the bright colors for summer. Neon pink, coral, yellow and purple are very popular this season. People also love periwinkle blue and many pastel colors. I love mixing them as well. And of course glitter is another popular way to decorate nails. With multicolor glitters, I can do some very fun designs.


5. Can you give us a few tips about caring for our hands, feet and nails in hot summer season? 

I would suggest getting pedicures regularly in summer time to keep toenails short and painted, and to keep heels moisturized. For hands, in my opinion, non-chip is the best option. It’s the only way to have polish on without chipping for a period of 2-3 weeks.



Thank you Alla for such an interesting and inspiring interview! All the above makes me want to conquer the summer with a bright pop colors and lots of art on my nails!

How will you “nail it” this summer?! If you are with me on this, and are lucky enough to live in Chicago, visit Alla at Blueberry Moon Salon, located at 2108 N Halsted St. (tel: 773-529-3333), to experience an art-nail!

Love, Irina















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