The first days of Spring are here. Even though the cold weather did not leave yet, we love to think that soon enough warmness will come, along with blooming flowers and flowing sunshine. The days will become longer while our skirts and shorts become shorter. Our whole wardrobe will look(s like) minimalist but color-minded artist’s paint: fewer objects (less clothing), small but bright details (our shiny accessories), the one or two main vocal points (the eye-catching items).

Transform the clothing smoothly: from earth colors to pastel and later to bright palettes. Knowing your features is essential when choosing styles for skirts, tops, and shorts. A few points to follow the trends: this Spring is all about sport chic, from polo dresses to track pants. This trend is very comfortable and adoptive for everyone. It makes a statement on its own or perfectly combines with classic styles. For example: classy blouse with ruffles, track pants and your favorite pumps. Add some backpack or classic satchel of your choice, and you are good to go.

So it is time you start to draw your masterpieces now. Create whole gallery of wonderful pictures like a pro. And let’s show your arts to the whole world!

Love, Irina


                                                                   Blouse:     BeBe (similar is here or here)

                                                                   Shorts:     Alice + Olivia

                                                                   Tights:     Wolford

                                                                   Boots:     Stuart Weitzman


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  • Amanda/ 11.03.2018Reply

    You look awesome Irina. Love the boots! Amanda

    • Irina/ 11.03.2018Reply

      Thank you Amanda! Yes, boots are nice and forever in-style!

  • Cathy/ 11.03.2018Reply

    Cool outfit, Irina! I always find it fascinating that people now wear shorts with boots. Seems one is for summer and one is for winter. I know…gotta get with the trends!

    • Irina/ 12.03.2018Reply

      Thank you Cathy! I love combination of shorts and boots. Especially for cooler weather.

  • Scott/ 12.03.2018Reply

    Awesome photos! You must have an amazing photographer. 🙂

    • Irina/ 12.03.2018Reply

      Yes, I do!!

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