Love Triangle

Love Triangle

I am not one who likes geometry as a school subject, but I do love geometric figures as a fashion detail: as a pattern on clothing, as a shape of earrings or bracelets, as a form of handbags. For example, the geometric figure of the triangle is one of my favorites, especially if it’s appearing in jewelry designs.

Summer is the perfect time to play with different geometric shapes and patterns. As always, remember to match the right size of the detail according to your personal size. Otherwise, a rectangle or hexagon too big for your body could “swallow” you. Or, in the other direction, if you pick an oval or square pattern or accessories too small for your body size, visually it will make your appearance look bigger. But if you are in a harmony with your sizing, then any outfit with all kinds of geometric shapes of your choice will look outstanding! Day and night!

So, what kind of geometry figure do you have love for?!

Love, Irina



                                                                                Dress:      Geo

                                                                                Shoes:      Celine

                                                                                Handbag:      Michael Kors

                                                                                Earrings:      Alexis Bittar

                                                                                Bracelet:      Alexis Bittar

                                                                                Ring:      Alexis Bittar

                                                                                Sunglasses:      Tom Ford

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  • Amanda/ 10.08.2017Reply

    Beautiful pictures Irina!!!

    • Irina/ 10.08.2017Reply

      Thank you Amanda!!!

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