La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita

Have you ever thought about your Dolce Vita?

Did you ever to try to solve the secrets of your Dolce Vita?

In an extremely busy living world, we often forgetting to stop and enjoy the moment — the Here and Now. Probably it’s easier to said than done, but when you actually ”breathe the moment,” you feel peace and happiness.

In those seconds, minutes or hours, the mind and body are having a harmonious dance…

For me Dolce Vita is carefree and stressless life, where you know what you want and find the way to have it. It’s celebration of life, where  dreams are big, where all horizons are open, where the sky’s the limit.

Dolce Vita is a way to enjoy the small and big occasions, to be grateful for what you have, and to look forward to a new happy adventures in your life. Examples are endless, as everyone has their own special Something that puts them on happy wave.

I find my own Dolce Vita  through my family and friends, through my health and wellbeing,  through travel adventures, through life in my adopted country, through the love around me, through the ability do what I want and to pursue my dreams.

Things like having an interesting conversation, reading my Ukrainian magazines, exercising, watching a good movies, shopping, dining in a favorite restaurants, having a nice things, going to salons and SPAs, taking a bubble bath with aroma-oils, walking in a forest, enjoying colorful sunsets, breathing the sea air, enjoying beautiful flowers and plants, and many, many more, all make my life very happy. I can say, I have it all! I have my Dolce Vita!

I encourage you to find joy and celebrate life for something small or big, for that harmony that makes you fully happy.

I encourage you to find your Dolce Vita!

On a side notes, you can actually buy things with the name “Dolce Vita” if you wish.

Wear it on your feet:






Sleep on it:




Or make a gorgeous make-up with it: 






Love, Irina


Sandals: DV By Dolce Vita ‘Dainna’ Thong Sandals

Pillow-Case: Nordstrom ‘Dolce Vita’ Paisley Print Cotton Sham

Eyeshadow: Charlotte Tilbury ‘Luxury Palette’ Color-Coded Eyeshadow Palette ‘The Dolce Vita’




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