Gifts With Love

Gifts With Love

For the Holiday Season and for Special Occasions, there is a beautiful tradition involved: Gifting. Whatever the reason is, we want to show our love and care to our families, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and neighbors through gifting, in a hope that something we carefully picked and bought at the store or made by our hands, will be loved and enjoyed by them.

And as some may be an experts in choosing the “right” gifts, others are still finding their way to “polish” their skills at this, all because we just want to see a truly happy faces.

So how to make a person pleased with your presents?! As I love giving gifts, I created my own formula to do this. And to make your crazy, busy life a little easier in the pressure of the Holiday Season, I want to share it with you!


Here it is:

When choosing presents, to know information about your “object” is important. So “pick up” all you can. Be observant, listen and make notes. The more you know, the easier to “get into the apple,” as we say in Ukraine, or to hit the bullseye.

1. Hobby

The most perfect guide of what to give to a receiver is to know his/her hobbies and interests. For example: If they have a hobby of collecting cups from different countries, fishing, cooking or gardening , then you have a Joker Card in your hands.


2. Love For…

Know exactly for what your “object” has a big love? More power to you! For example: If he/she loves vintage red wines, or have a thing for Turkish Carpets, or can’t live without leopard prints, you probably know the address by now where you can get those goodies.


3. It’s a No-No

It’s also good to know what person doesn’t like. For example: If he/she hates silver photo-frames or yellow color of anything, you should be sure to avoid those taboos.


4. Lifestyle

Presents should fit in peoples’ lifestyle. Look into the way they live and the quality they like. For example: If he/she travels a lot, it make sense to look at travel sizes products, whatever it is: mini cosmetics or compact jewelry boxes. Brand new Louis Vuitton suitcase would be not bad either! Or if person has a special taste for an exquisite cigars, then you might to consider making a quick trip to Cuba. This way you can “shoot two rabbits with one shot:” travels for you, and gift for a friend!


5. Profession

Here is another option to get direction when choosing gifts. For example: Hair Stylist will be glad to receive a new blow dryer with fancy attachments. Or Computer Programer will enjoy an up-to-date tablet.


6. Essentials

Height, size, hair color, skin tone, shape of the face should be taken into consideration when shopping in Beauty and Fashion Stores. For example: If he/she has a round face shape, you will avoid round shaped sunglasses (you have to have balance and harmony in everything). Or if person is petite, you should buy clothes with a small prints and avoid big ones (otherwise dress with big details will “eat” them up). If you know sizing of your “object,” then perfect. If not, then there is OS (one size fits all) and XS-S, M-L. Or if you are not sure what color would compliment to one’s skin tone, take black or white; these are neutral colors and are good on anyone.


7. Details

Always pay attention for details, as they matter a lot. For example: If the receiver likes paisleys, don’t buy just any tie; buy one with paisley pattern. Or if people have an Asian-Fusion Interior Design in their house, then you don’t take just any vase, but look specifically for wood or ceramic vases because these will nicely blend in with this type of design. In this way, the tie will worn often and vase will be displayed in a center of the table.


8. Values

For a people who are against animal’s cruelty (like PETA organization), you are definitely want to avoid genuine leather products and anything that was tested on animals. So check the product’s information before you buy. At this point, you can look at Stella McCartney’s handbags, or for cosmetics at The Body Shop, Tata Harper, Wet n Wild or Tom’s of Maine.


9. Health Issues

Let’s say, if receiver has a diabetes, you shouldn’t buy them chocolate, candies or sugary yummies. Or, get an Almond Cake for those who has an allergy for nuts.


10. Appropriateness

Give some thought to these considerations:

– Religion: Don’t give a postcard with words ”Merry Christmas!” to a people who are not Christians. Choose “Happy Holidays!” instead.

– Age: Don’t give to a five year-old a make-up collection, if her parents don’t allow it yet; or don’t give a neon-pink handbag a-la Hello Kitty to a woman over 50.

– How well you know recipient / How close you to a recipient / What is your relationship with a recipient: Don’t buy a car for a person you met only couple of times in your life.

– Political views: No comment… Literally, no comment or action about this subject during the Holidays.

– Professional status: Don’t buy a cheap pen from office supply store for a man who is CEO of the firm.

PS: Those appropriations are slightly exaggerated, but you get the point.


11. Gift Card & Gift Certificate

If you’re not sure about anything above or just don’t have enough time to do your shopping, there is one thing you can depend on: the Gift Card or Gift Certificate. It’s a perfect present for everyone! Just pick the store or SPA Salon that they would enjoy the most, reminding all the directions listed here.


As you see, there are some considerations when choosing gifts. So if you know at least person’s name – it’a start: who wouldn’t enjoy a neckless or ornament with their name on it?!

Hope you find my tricks useful and are ready to conquer the stores!

And one more piece of advise: take your time for wrapping, boxing and covering your treasures. The packaging is very important. It will say a lot about your personality. And you want your gift to be as fabulously presentable as possible!

Enjoy your Gifting, and Happy Holidays!!!

Love, Irina



PS: My perfect gift to myself this year is Charlotte Tilbury Skincare and Makeup!












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