Black And White Diamonds

Black And White Diamonds

When it comes to truffles, I see a kaleidoscope of different things, like Italy, high-quality food and wine, good company, people’s laugh, fresh flowers, eye-catching outfits, divine atmosphere and a relaxing time. The emotions about this well-rounded picture of mine are more than exited! I feel so indescribably happy! To understand what I am talking about, you have to experience at least once in your life a luxurious dinner with Truffles!

My first “meeting” with truffles was a year ago at my favorite Italian restaurant, Prosecco ( After I tried them, my mind was blown away. The whole concept of eating fancy and healthy rises to another level. Since then, I wish everything would be with truffles, even a tooth paste!


Black & White Truffles

This year I got to enjoy a repeat: I was very excited and amazed by the recent Truffle Dinner at Prosecco, which was featuring exquisite wines from John Cressman, owner of World Wide Wines ( That special evening was incredible and magnificent. Pieces from my kaleidoscope came out to become reality: a nicely decorated table with a crisp white tablecloths, candles and flowers, soft music in the air, people was having a good time. And we all were blessed with a pre-made five-course menu by Executive Chef / Owner Mark Sparacino. He knows how to spoil your mouth with delicious food, especially when every course was accompanying with a generous amount of White and Black Truffles. As you know from previous article, I have very specific dietary requirements, so Mark was kind enough to make substitutes for me, and I always appreciative to him for all my ”Special Menus,” as I have spent many evening dinners and special events at Prosecco over the past three years.


Can you imagine Italian Dinners without good wine? I couldn’t dream of it. And as expected, there were well-chosen wines specific for every course from Primi to Quinti. John, who is a frequent guest of Prosecco and one of its wine-suppliers, brings his exquisite wines from Italy to the tables of Prosecco, where happy customers enjoy Goddess Drink and cheer their toasts. This dinner was no different: the wine was as good as you can picture and was in complete harmony with the truffle dishes. My personal favorite was a Sparkling Wine, the 2008 Mosnel Rose Millesimato “Parose” Franciacorta. Should I say Gustoso (Tasty) and Delizioso (Delicious)?!


The well-organized evening by Sam Geatti, the restaurant manager, could not be more perfect! From beginning to the end, you live in that magical Italian atmosphere, feeling very welcomed and special!

If you are anxious to try Black and White Diamonds (and I am not talking about gems!), then look forward to the truffle season and celebrate a life with good food and wine!

Love, Irina

PS: Dressing accordingly without planning: I just realized that my dress was as colors of truffles – black & white!



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