Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

St. Valentine’s Day brings to many of us excitement, joy and happiness. This beautiful tradition of celebrating Love for many years keeps people to think more deeply what Love is for each of us and to appreciate the special person in our lives. On the 14-th of February, a lot of romantic, magnificent and unforgettable things happen. Some people are getting engaged, some saying their first “I Love You,” others spending time in each other’s company and sharing their best memories together. In any case, Love is in the air!

As long as we are celebrating this wonderful holiday of Love, we always want to give to our ”one and forever” person something that symbolizing our feelings, together with unconditional love: write a love poem, sing a serenade, engrave fillings on a fine piece of jewelry, fill the house with roses and candles, have a SPA day for two. The list of gifting ideas can be very long and sometimes overwhelming. Here the best advice I can give you: no matter what you present, it is always should be personalized and special to your loved one.

And if you are still in the process finding the best personal gift, then I have idea for you: make a Boudoir photoshoot! This type of intimate, artistic and sexy photograph is the perfect gift that will bring lots of sparks for the Valentine’s Day!

If you are lucky enough to live in San Diego, or ever travel there, Vixen Photography offers a great opportunity for a photo shoot to get photos that are unforgettably glamorous and playful – whatever your inner ego desires! I am telling this from my own experience, from numerous photo shoots with this company. The photographer, Scott Saw, and his whole team are so wonderful: once you meet them you do not want to leave! They make you feel so welcomed and comfortable that you want to come back again and again. It’s addictive!

To see Scott’s work and read more, go to his website at

Here are some of Scott’s creative art from my photoshoots. Enjoy!

And Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, Irina



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