August 2016

Jump With Me

Jumpsuit. I never thought it will be such a good find for me. And as I am open to try anything new, I got a jump start with my first jumpsuit. And I’m glad I did it. The benefits were beyond my expectations. Let me start with how much I...

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I Am Not A Blonde Salad!

I am not a Blonde Salad! I am Blond in a Salad! That's right! Everyone who loves to read fashion blogs or is in love with fashion and style, knows, or at least has heard about the fashion blog, "The Blonde Salad" by Chiara Ferragni. I am not writing about...

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Geisha’s Games

In now days, there are so many choices for skincare and make up. There are old brands with a new collection for every season or collaboration with celebrities, and there are new brands on the market that we want to know better. We try to catch up with all of...

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