October 2015

Fall Dessert

I love the Fall season. I can say I am in love with Fall. I adore every aspect of it (well, maybe not so much of the rain). The colors around so vibrant, the air has a pretty smell, it's not hot anymore and not very cold yet. It's just...

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Simple Steps

To be able to get results at almost anything, we need to be consistent and patient. This applies to your skincare regiment in order to reveal a healthy glow, whatever are you doing: trying a new eye cream, new hair mask or new device for your face. It always takes...

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Scan The Mood

If you ask me what my favorite color is, I will tell automatically - Red. And it is. In general, it's the most attractive to me from the entire color spectrum. But the thing is that I love all the colors. No exceptions. It deepens on mood, situation and occasion. People...

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