August 2015

Welcome to my Glamour Wonderland!

Hi everybody! My name is Irina. The national colorful costume in these photos is from Ukraine, my native country. I currently live in downtown Chicago. I am sure you may have lots of questions for me and one of them may be, "What's going on here?" I will tell you all...

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La Dolce Vita

Have you ever thought about your Dolce Vita? Did you ever to try to solve the secrets of your Dolce Vita? In an extremely busy living world, we often forgetting to stop and enjoy the moment — the Here and Now. Probably it's easier to said than done, but when you actually...

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The Persian Kittens

I want to open my post-blog for Interviews with a woman who had something I always wanted: a Persian Himalayan Kitten. Amanda is a breeder for Persian Himalayan Kittens and owner of So loving and caring, she provides the best for her cats and kittens; among them there are several CFA Champion...

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