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St. Valentine’s Time

Valentine's Day! Love is in the air! Love for your family, friends, special person in your life, and of course, for lovely YOU! Keep that love strong and unconditional! Celebrate your love every single day! And remember, to give love is as important as to receive it! Happy St. Valentine's Day!...

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Year Of The Red Fiery Rooster

2017: The year of the Red Fiery Rooster by Chinese calendar, which officially starts on January 28th, 2017. The color of the animal symbol of the year is chosen from the elements of the nature: fire, water, land and air. By this rule, the element of the Fire will be...

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All I Want For Christmas Is…

Holidays season is magical with all the attributes, including gifts. As much as I love receiving gifts, I enjoy giving them! Actually I like a lot the whole process: looking, choosing, shopping, wrapping and presenting.   It's a special time when you can include all your fantasy in gifting to...

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Safe The Face

With falling temperatures outside, we are not only changing our clothing wardrobe but also skincare wardrobe. What was working for your skin during hot spring-summer days will cause problems in the cold months of the fall and winter. Lightweight creams and lotions that make our completions stay moisturized and protected from...

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Summering In Fall

Often times I heard this American phrase "No white after Labor Day," which I don't understand and never accept. In my opinion, you can wear white color whenever you want and wherever you want. For example, in a winter time, I wear white jeans and a sweater with a black...

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Wine, Food, Nature

The song "San Francisco" by the Russian band "Car-Man" from the 90’s, goes like this: "San Francisco is a city of a disco style, San Francisco is a city of thousands of lights, San Francisco is a city full of risk...

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Jump With Me

Jumpsuit. I never thought it will be such a good find for me. And as I am open to try anything new, I got a jump start with my first jumpsuit. And I’m glad I did it. The benefits were beyond my expectations. Let me start with how much I...

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I Am Not A Blonde Salad!

I am not a Blonde Salad! I am Blond in a Salad! That's right! Everyone who loves to read fashion blogs or is in love with fashion and style, knows, or at least has heard about the fashion blog, "The Blonde Salad" by Chiara Ferragni. I am not writing about...

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