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I Am Not A Blonde Salad!

I am not a Blonde Salad! I am Blond in a Salad! That's right! Everyone who loves to read fashion blogs or is in love with fashion and style, knows, or at least has heard about the fashion blog, "The Blonde Salad" by Chiara Ferragni. I am not writing about...

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Geisha’s Games

In now days, there are so many choices for skincare and make up. There are old brands with a new collection for every season or collaboration with celebrities, and there are new brands on the market that we want to know better. We try to catch up with all of...

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Ching – Ching! Chain – Chain!

Summer dressing formula: Less is More… Can be?! Maybe… But can More be Less?! By my understanding it can. How? This is how: As hot and humid weather doesn't go anywhere in summer, we have to wear lesser amount of clothing, lighter colors and fluid fabrics. So in this way,...

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Nail-ing The Summer

One of the pluses of summer is that you can go crazy with very bright colors, including your polished nails. I want to introduce to you a manicure & pedicure pro, who specializes on this subject and takes her job to another level of creativity. Welcome Alla Lee -- nail technician at...

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Hello Summer!

Summer is here! So are vibrant and bright colors, flowing and weightless fabrics. Warm weather gives us endless possibilities to create looks for any occasion with a minimum of clothes and accessories (but I always love more accessories!). White jeans, fluid silk pants, tops in different variations of color and shape,...

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Tropical Bliss

The Spa! – my joy and love. Anywhere, anytime. But the Spa on a tropical island is much more than the usual appointment near your closest salon in a city. It is a completely different experience, one that gives you nirvana feelings. Kind of. Yet, yet, and now you can...

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Give Me Details

To see a bigger picture, you have to pay attention to the small details. In our daily lives, our preferences for the outfits are mostly simple, comfortable, low-key...

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Destination – Paradise

Have you ever been in a place that is magnificent and breathtaking, that gives you a feeling that it's not real or that it's a beautiful dream, a place you want to call Paradise? Earth is full of such places; just keep looking and prepare to feel like an Alice-in-Wonderland! Several...

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